Hi, My Name is Peggy

Discover is ranked highest in customer service. Do I have a Discover card? No, however, they portray this market-leading quality in one of my favorite campaigns this year.

Maybe it’s my weakness for sports and men in terribly fashioned sweaters, but Peggy gets me. Discover has done a great job of combining humor with strategy. Customer service centers are typically a pain in the ass, and located outside of the US. Most people will try and avoid them at all costs. Showing this through humor works because frankly, it’s “true.” By choosing top-ranked customer service as their talking point, Discover has capitalized on something that other credit card companies avoid.

Another reason this campaign works is due to their use of sports personalities. Partnering with college football and the NHL, Discover has been able to incorporate broadcasters (Lou Holtz, Kirk Herbstreit), players (Patrick Kane, Tim Thomas) and even the occasional trophy partner (literally speaking, Phil Pritchard, the holder of the Stanley Cup). It’s hard not to love a commercial with your favorite (or least favorite) people in them.

They have also expanded on their partnership with Six Flags in a mini-series on YouTube. I won’t say the possibilites are endless with Peggy, however, they have taken claim to become one of the top ad characters of the year next to the Old Spice Guy and Flo.