Creating a Gallery Wall

One of my 2015 resolutions was to get more creative (you can see my other resolutions on Pinterest!). Armed with gift cards to Hobby Lobby and a color scheme in mind, I set off on a journey to create a gallery wall in my living room while finally incorporating gold into my house.

The finished product. Not to shabby for less than 24 hours!
The finished product. Not to shabby for less than 24 hours!

I know Hobby Lobby doesn’t have the best rep when it comes to the media, but I absolutely love it. I can wander around the store for hours imagining just where that large mirror would fit in my bedroom or how I could turn those stunning lilies into a centerpiece for my kitchen table. It’s addicting.

As mentioned above, I had a color scheme of black and gold in mind, so I went off to search. The first thing I picked up was the black baroque 11×14 frame – I had my eye on it for months, and I still needed to put up a few wedding pictures in the house. After that, I found the large “LOVE” canvas. Here’s a hint, bargain hunters – Hobby Lobby has two sections of home decor. The middle section of the store, holding everything from canvas prints, decorative items, frames and mirrors and the “always clearance” area, usually in place of Christmas decor the other six months of the year. (“SIX MONTHS?” You say? Yes, six months. I worked in a craft store in high school, and set up began in June, followed by take down in January. Craft stores capitalized on the holidays long before Macy’s started playing Christmas music on November 1.) Anyway – I picked up the “LOVE” sign in this “always clearance” section. The chevron print came next, with the ampersand and 5×5 black and gold frame following. The finishing touch was my beloved arrow – something I’ve seen on nearly every Pinterest gallery wall in existence.

Once home with my goodies (costing less than $100, I might add), I got to work laying them out on my floor. Honestly, I probably moved them six times before landing on what ended up on my wall, followed by another four moves once on the wall. It’s a hard process.

Creating a Gallery Wall - Measuring Things Out
Measuring everything out – upside down is key!

After I had them lined up how I wanted, I flipped them all over and measured both the wall space and the decor to make sure everything was in line. I marked off the frames with masking tape to assure I knew where the nails needed to be, and then measured before taping to my wall and hammering in the picture hanger. Apparently this isn’t the standard way of hanging photos according to my mother, but it’s always worked for me!

This is how I measure were to put the nail holes in my wall - it's definitely tried & true in the Parks house!
This is how I measure were to put the nail holes in my wall – it’s definitely tried & true in the Parks house!

Once I had everything from Hobby Lobby hung, I knew there was something missing. The next day, I took my weekly trip to Target and found these amazing Sea Urchins for just $19.99. As the day went on, I decided to create the two-part dachshund silhouette (printed in 4×6 form at Walgreens) and paint two 4×6 frames gold to tie in a bit more of the shine.

Overall, I adore how it turned out! It was a quick weekend project that anyone can do by themselves, and it livens up the space so much.

Are you getting creative in 2015? Share your DIY with me – I’d love to feature some guest posts! 


Target + TOMS: A Match Made In Retail Heaven

In case you missed the news, Target and TOMS will be teaming up this holiday season to bring customers a limited edition collection benefiting both TOMS One for One initiative and FeedingAmerica.

DIY Parks Barks tv

Friday Five: DogTV, Crafts and more!

I don’t like stealing ideas, but one of my favorite blogs, Living with a Boy, has a Friday Five each week, and I just love the idea of recapping my five favorite things this week, so consider the idea “borrowed!”

1. DogTV: I finally caved in and bought DogTV (channel 354 on DirecTV) for Yadi. The entire programming is made for dogs – stimulating content to keep them active as well as relaxing content for nap time! I know Andy thought I was nuts when I turned it on – there are actual voice overs saying “What a good boy! You’re such a cute dog!” – but Yadi was glued to the screen! Too bad our TV times out after 4 hours of inactivity – he could easily watch it all day while we’re at work!

2. Baseball Wreath: This is my weekend to-do. After all, baseball season is just around the corner! And let’s be honest, I don’t want to jinx the Blues into their playoff run. Let’s hope it turns out!


3. Target Threshold Windham Console Table: I’ve already got one in my house, and I can’t wait to put together the second! These tables are perfect for blank walls, behind couches and really anywhere you can fit them. Plus, right now, they’re 30% off. It’s just another way to boost your Target addiction. You’re welcome!


4. St. Patrick’s Day: March is my favorite month – after all, I was born in it – and St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate! I look fantastic in green (it’s a blessing for us dark haired ladies), there is plenty to do in St. Louis, and I’m required to work-from-home the day of, as my office is in the heart of the Irish community. Cheers!


5. WE HAVE A DRIVEWAY! We just can’t walk or drive on it yet, but you know, details. It’s just nice to get out of the chat rock and onto solid ground!

So here’s to the weekend, and all of the fabulous things you have going on.

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Top 5: Things Guys Don’t Understand

Jenna Marbles is a female god. If you haven’t watched her videos, just get off my blog. JK – but really, watch the below videos for my inspiration.

NOTE: I am basing this off of things the men in MY life don’t understand. (Sorry Andy!) Feel free to add your own in the comments.

1. Hobby Lobby: I could craft 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if I had the budget and time. Girls want things to look GOOD – i.e. why we buy insane amounts of clothing and take two hours to get ready. This means we will spend 3-4 hours wandering through a Hobby Lobby, debating over the perfect shade of rose and the perfect size pumpkin. As Andy says, Hobby Lobby is my Bass Pro/Golf Discount/ETC. Just remember that.

2. Planning: Yes, I keep a planner, physical calendar, digital calendar and notes around. I will absolutely plan out our weekend plans by Monday, and you can bet I’ve had a three week notice of your family party. I know exactly when that game, birthday or movie release is, and I’ve already talked to my other female planner friends to involve their boys, too. Someone has to keep everything in line.

3. The Bachelor/Bachelorette: You have fantasy sports teams, we have Bachelor brackets. And yes, we absolutely get too involved with the characters, develop a deep hatred for bitchy girls and fall into mad showmances with rich, damaged guys with six packs, and cry when they don’t get a rose. Most of this is due to the copious amounts of wine we drink during the two-hour show.

4. Pinterest: Is it safe to say that Pinterest is female porn? It’s like once you get your first look, you’ll never stop going back. So what if I have been planning our wedding long before you even consider an engagement. Maybe I do have a thousand work out plans I’ll never try. So I started my Christmas List six months early, no big deal. As long as I keep putting delicious food on the table, keep your mouth shut – don’t act like you don’t know where I got those recipes.

5. Target: I mean, seriously. I have never gone into Target and only bought what I came for. The place screams “buy me.” Of course I needed two new tanks, a pair of shoes I’ll never wear, three new nail polishes, throw pillows, and a kitchen gadget I can’t even pronounce. At least I get 5% off with my RedCard – that makes it ALL better, right?