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Top 5: New Year’s Resolutions 2013

As we quickly approach 2013 (anyone else questioning where 2012 went?!), it’s time to reflect on (missed) resolutions in 2012, and new resolutions to look forward to.

1. Break up with Texting: I can’t be the only one. Especially with iPhone to iPhone, you have no character limit, and I have been known to write a novel or two (I also stick to full grammar, aside from the occasional “LOL.” Never could support “r u thr?”)  But that’s no way to communicate with someone. I could never fully resent texting – it’s great for those quick, “what are you doing,” “leaving now,” “good to see you!” conversations, but I’m going to leave the catching up and soul searching for the most unused part of my cellular device – the phone itself.

2. Leave the Discover at home: This is kind of a two-parter, because I want to buy my first condo/townhome/house in 2013, so I need good credit and a stupid large down payment, so I am going to try and work with a cash budget. I’ve got my credit cards paid off (!), and I’d like to keep it that way.

3. Stop keeping things to myself: I’m totally that person that lets things build up until smoke comes out of my ears, and it doesn’t benefit anyone. I don’t want to become a negative Nancy, but if something bothers me, I need to bring it up with that person instead of playing out a billion scenarios in my head.

4. Quit following NHL Lockout negotiations. Plain and simple. They just make me sad, and no one wants to be sad.

5. Visit the new Fantasyland at Disney, Marry David Freese and/or Win the Lottery. A girl can dream, right?

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Top 5: Celebrity Crushes

Every morning I listen to Mason & Remy on 93.7 the Bull on my way to work. Lately, Remy has been following the Amanda Bynes blow up – she’s basically gone nuts – as she was his crush in prior lifetimes. It got me thinking about how the posters in my room have changed from being a young whipper snapper to an awkward preteen to an adult. So let’s take a trip down memory lane…

Early 90s: Brett Hull’s Son, Jude Hull: I was 7 years old when Brett Hull scored his 500th goal on a hat trick against LA on Dec. 22, 1996. I don’t remember if this was the event our great city celebrated, but I remember watching Brett, his then-wife Allison, and little Jude walking out on the ice to accept some kind of recognition. I also remember looking at my dad, saying “Dad, I want to marry him.” My dad looked at me, confused, “Brett Hull? He’s a little old for you honey,” to which I responded, “no, his son. Then Brett Hull can be my second Dad!” What can I say, my love of hockey players came early. I find it ironic doing some google searching to find that Jude is actually just starting his freshman year of college, meaning he was easily 5 years younger than me. Whoops.

Mid 90s: Leonard DiCaprio: Sigh. Oh Leo. This may come as a surprise, but I was a bit of a tomboy back in the day. Before viewing Titanic, I would see Leo’s face come across my Teen Beat magazine and say “yuck, Leo DiCraprio!” Then, I saw Titanic, and it all changed. This pretty face was plastered all over the walls of my spare bedroom (because I couldn’t mess up my nicely decorated bedroom). I still think that bitch could have made some room and saved you…

Early 2000s: Nick Carter: Those blonde locks, those blue eyes, that dreamy voice. Be still my heart. Although I liked *NSYNC’s music a bit better, Nick Carter was the bees knees. My first email address was Just saying. BONUS: Aaron Carter – the man I got my first manicure for. Saw him at Fox Theatre, only a few rows from the stage. Ah.

Late 2000s: Zac Efron: Here we go again with another hottie who made it from the ashes. I refused to watch High School Musical, for the pure fact that I was in high school, in choir, and thought it was idiotic. However, I watched it before heading off to college, shortly before the release of Hairspray, and well – the rest is history. Zac has that perfect level of boyish cute mixed with man hot, and the boy can sing. Let’s be honest – I’m not giving up this crush anytime soon.

2012: David Freese, Ryan Lochte & Andy Parks: I guess I’ve matured, and so has my taste in men. What isn’t there to love about David Freese? World Series MVP, hometown hottie, and a former Tiger. Ryan Lochte won the hearts of many at this years Olympic Games, and I must say I have a soft spot for my Boston loving, beer drinking, video game playing boyfriend :). (NOTE: I went through probably 15 photos before finding the perfect one for you, Andy!)

So there you have it – my crush list through the years. Who was your biggest crush growing up? 

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Top 5: Posts I Wish People Would Avoid on Social Media

OK – I may take some heat for this, but as a social media manager, I literally spend 8 hours a day with Facebook and Twitter open on my desktop. I see EVERYTHING. So, I’m going to sum up the top 5 most ridiculous things I see:

1. “Going to X/Hanging with X”: OK – Isn’t that what foursquare is for? It drives me nuts to see a Facebook status say “going to the grocery store” or “hanging with my friend.” It’s the old-fashion (as in 2009) rule, if you don’t have anything interesting to say, don’t say anything at all.

2. Photos of themselves: Seriously, that was cool in 2005. Stop with the Instagram pictures of you posing in a mirror, or in a tanning bed, or in your car. It makes you look conceited and gives people the impression that you’re an attention whore.

3. “OMG this is so #Freaking cool, I’m going to post it from @Hootsuite to Facebook, too!” Learn to differentiate your networks. It kills me when I see this on a personal account, but brands? Good lord.

4. “LIKE if…” That is the quickest way to get me to defriend you or unfollow your brand. Just don’t.

5. Chain Letters: Why can’t these things die already? I still haven’t died from the letter I didn’t send in 7th grade. I found true love after midnight. If you found yourself posting something you forwarded when you were 12, STOP.

What pet-peeves do you have with social media? Comment below!

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Top 5: Reasons To Get a Dog

I feel like this post goes without saying – getting a puppy was the best thing I’ve ever done. (Sure, it’s only been 22 years of stuff, but still). Yadi is my little baby fluff ball, and unlike that adorable Windows 7 “Why We Need A Dog” commercial, I’m going to get to the heart and soul of why it’s worth the trouble, because trust me, he’s gets in a LOT of trouble (I’m still mourning my brand new sperry’s).

1. They Support Your Team: Unlike the unfortunate fellow below who’s parents turn on him, your four-legged friend will always support your team. They’ll bark at the refs for a bad call, proudly wear your team’s colors (after a little bit of nipping), and always comfort you when they lose. And yes, I just wanted to throw the video in because it’s adorable.

2. They help clean: And by clean, I mean destroy any crumb that hits your floor, couch, bed, shirt, pants, table…

3. They always offer to drive: Talk about a built in DD! You may just have to help with that whole pedal thing. Oh, and steering. And you may want to be sure to check the break. Paws tend to slip.

4. They volunteer to take those annoying calls you get: After all, wet noses were made for the “end” button.

5. They provide you with unconditional love: Regardless of what else is going on in your life, the second you walk into theirs, it’s over. You have work, friends, laundry, cooking, cleaning and more, but all they have is you. Cherish that, because no one else will tinkle out of excitement when you walk into a room.

Editors Note: No dogs were harmed in the writing of this blog.

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Top 5: Things You Didn’t Know About Me

NOTE: This is going to be a new weekly feature – top 5 lists! Snap at me if I don’t get another up by next Wednesday 🙂

When you have writers block, it’s always easiest to go back to what you know best. And what better do I know then myself?

1. I make a killer grilled cheese. OK, maybe you did know this. But you don’t know the back story! As a child, if it didn’t have cheese on it, you could guess that I wasn’t coming near it. Dubbed the mouse of the family, my mother would make me her classic grilled cheese on sick days, cold days, or when her and my dad were eating some gross dinner (you know, chinese, tacos, turkey…yeah, I was picky). It became my number one comfort food, and I would make it whenever – including 2am with people over. Needless to say, it became a hit, and is now requested anytime we have people over.

2. I have a serious obsession with shoes. This goes back generations. My grandma worked in the Famous Barr shoe department at Crestwood Mall for over 20 years. I received a shoe horn for Christmas as a child. Not to mention, my mother and my aunt combined have as many shoes as a DSW store. Lucky for me, my 5’1” frame allows me to purchase and wear any and all types of shoes, especially heels. Needless to say, my little shoe rack will probably not suffice in the years to come.

3. Keith Urban kissed my hand. Back in 2002, before this Australian heartthrob really burst onto the scene, he was doing a small tour with Trace Adkins. They stopped by Six Flags St. Louis, and as it was included in my season pass, I went with two friends. This was a good year for concerts, considering the lead singer of Lonestar also put his arm around me and sang to me. So, my friends and I went down to the side of the stage where tickets weren’t sold due to equipment blocking the view. We, however, could see fine. Sure enough, we’re right up next to the stage, and after he finished singing “Somebody Like You,” we squealed (in pure 7th grade style) “WE LOVE SOMEBODY LIKE YOU!” And, in true heartthrob form, Keith jumped off stage and came over. He took my hand and kissed it, and blew kisses to my other friends. If I were them, I’d still be jealous.

4. Baseball is just recently on my watch list. Before you jump down my throat on this one, hear me out. I was born and raised a hockey fan. There is a serious speed difference between hockey and baseball, so going from super fast excitement to someone stepping off the plate every 10 seconds and 20 + extra innings is quite a challenge. Not to mention my dear aunt who can make a baseball reference out of anything. “Can you pass the sweet potatoes?” “Oh, sure. And did you know, Mark McGuire’s wife has a great recipe for sweet potatoes!” Gag. Growing up with that every Sunday definitely put my sports radar far away from home runs. However, for the past four years, I have followed the Cardinals as well as the league. I’m a sports fan by nature, so it’s only right that I learn them all. Not to mention, games at Busch Stadium are an experience unlike any other.

5. I know the words to nearly every song. OK – not every song. But if you put any country song (1990-present), 90s song or classic hit in front of me, I will be able to sing along. Unfortunately this includes wonderful hits such has Mambo #5, Baby Got Back and What’s Your Fantasy.

Next Week…Well, you’ll find out next week what the Top 5 is! 🙂