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Top 5: Things You Didn’t Know About Me

NOTE: This is going to be a new weekly feature – top 5 lists! Snap at me if I don’t get another up by next Wednesday 🙂

When you have writers block, it’s always easiest to go back to what you know best. And what better do I know then myself?

1. I make a killer grilled cheese. OK, maybe you did know this. But you don’t know the back story! As a child, if it didn’t have cheese on it, you could guess that I wasn’t coming near it. Dubbed the mouse of the family, my mother would make me her classic grilled cheese on sick days, cold days, or when her and my dad were eating some gross dinner (you know, chinese, tacos, turkey…yeah, I was picky). It became my number one comfort food, and I would make it whenever – including 2am with people over. Needless to say, it became a hit, and is now requested anytime we have people over.

2. I have a serious obsession with shoes. This goes back generations. My grandma worked in the Famous Barr shoe department at Crestwood Mall for over 20 years. I received a shoe horn for Christmas as a child. Not to mention, my mother and my aunt combined have as many shoes as a DSW store. Lucky for me, my 5’1” frame allows me to purchase and wear any and all types of shoes, especially heels. Needless to say, my little shoe rack will probably not suffice in the years to come.

3. Keith Urban kissed my hand. Back in 2002, before this Australian heartthrob really burst onto the scene, he was doing a small tour with Trace Adkins. They stopped by Six Flags St. Louis, and as it was included in my season pass, I went with two friends. This was a good year for concerts, considering the lead singer of Lonestar also put his arm around me and sang to me. So, my friends and I went down to the side of the stage where tickets weren’t sold due to equipment blocking the view. We, however, could see fine. Sure enough, we’re right up next to the stage, and after he finished singing “Somebody Like You,” we squealed (in pure 7th grade style) “WE LOVE SOMEBODY LIKE YOU!” And, in true heartthrob form, Keith jumped off stage and came over. He took my hand and kissed it, and blew kisses to my other friends. If I were them, I’d still be jealous.

4. Baseball is just recently on my watch list. Before you jump down my throat on this one, hear me out. I was born and raised a hockey fan. There is a serious speed difference between hockey and baseball, so going from super fast excitement to someone stepping off the plate every 10 seconds and 20 + extra innings is quite a challenge. Not to mention my dear aunt who can make a baseball reference out of anything. “Can you pass the sweet potatoes?” “Oh, sure. And did you know, Mark McGuire’s wife has a great recipe for sweet potatoes!” Gag. Growing up with that every Sunday definitely put my sports radar far away from home runs. However, for the past four years, I have followed the Cardinals as well as the league. I’m a sports fan by nature, so it’s only right that I learn them all. Not to mention, games at Busch Stadium are an experience unlike any other.

5. I know the words to nearly every song. OK – not every song. But if you put any country song (1990-present), 90s song or classic hit in front of me, I will be able to sing along. Unfortunately this includes wonderful hits such has Mambo #5, Baby Got Back and What’s Your Fantasy.

Next Week…Well, you’ll find out next week what the Top 5 is! 🙂

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