Three Things I’m Loving: June 4, 2016

When you’ve had writers block for all of five months, it’s time to sit back and remember the things you love – they’re ALWAYS the easiest things to talk about! So without further adieu, here are three things I’m loving:


Top 5: Golden Globes Looks

The Golden Globes are the only movie/TV award show I truly watch, mostly because the large amounts of alcohol tend to create memorable moments. I don’t believe last night’s event had too many memorable moments, but the looks will last in photographic history for decades to come.

And yes, I know – I’m one of 601251 blogs posting my favorite looks from last night’s Golden Globe awards. Sue me. I also am purposely avoiding adding Jennifer Lawerence because being my ultimate girl crush, it would be unfair.


Things I Love: 3M Strips

When I moved into my first post-college apartment, my mom gave me the cutest picture hanging kit – a three compartment container filled with nails, a small hammer, pencil, screwdriver, level and picture wire so I could decorate. Hole after hole went into the apartment, and while that wasn’t what caused our ridiculous move-out fee (that would be our badger dog, Yadi), it seemed like there had to be a better way.

Enter Command 3M Strips.


Meal Planning: Portion Control

The first day back after a holiday is never easy, but the first Monday of a new year? Rough! For those of you with resolutions to be healthier in 2016, meal planning is key, and Sunday afternoons are just perfect for getting a weeks worth of snacks together!



2016 Bucket List

‘Tis the season for resolutions, but our only resolution here at the Parks house is to check off our bucket lists! I was inspired by my dear friend Jessica over at Created Space Studios, who just knocked her 2015 bucket list out of the park, making me realize how little I accomplished in 2015. Luckily, a new dawn is rising, and I’m more determined then ever to get out of my comfort zone.


Top 5: Netflix Vanishing Videos, January 2016

Netflix and chill is life at the Parks home, especially during the winter months. (We’ll go ahead and ignore the fact that it’s 63 degrees in St. Louis right now). Netflix recently released it’s list of movies and TV series that will be removed in the coming month, which means I’m about to add 11.5 hours of viewing time to my holiday schedule.


Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Still struggling for the Christmas season? These items ship out before Christmas Eve!

Untitled design.png

1:  KEEP Collective Be Kind Bracelet, $62 2: Women’s Sperry® for J.Crew Shearwater Buckle Boots in Colorblock, $180 3: Kate Spade Thermal Mug, $22.50 4:  BaubleBar Love Your Selfie Polka Extendable and Wired Stick, $19.99 5: Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker (Mint), $99 6: Old Navy Flannel Joggers, $8

Disclaimer: I am a KEEP independent designer.