Parks Picks: The Best TV of 2019

It’s been awhile since I last provided TV recommendations, so long that I hadn’t even featured Amazon Prime, and Disney+ hadn’t been announced.

So, in the spirit of time off for the holidays, I present your must-watch shows.

Getting Personal

Conversations About Motherhood

As a Type-A personality, I’ve always set goals for myself. Graduate college early? Check. Get married at 25? Check. Have a baby at 28? Not so much.

Getting Personal

Impatience Pays Off

One year ago today, April 18, 2017, I was rushing home from work to get ready for my best friend to come over and watch the beginning of the end of Pretty Little Liars. It was a hell of a day – issue after issue at work, a busy weekend of back-to-back family events to stress over, and to top it off, my DVR was NOT set to record.

I walked in the door and told Andy I was done. I hated being this stressed. I hated the commute. I needed a change.

“Let’s move. You pick the place. I just want out.”

Hot Spots travel

24 Hours in Las Vegas

I’m almost 30. T-H-I-R-T-Y. That statement, along with some unexpected time off, spurred a last minute getaway to Las Vegas.

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gorgeous weather, delicious drinks & handsome company. #Vegas

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Getting Personal

Own It: The Launch of Short Dog Social

I am starting my own business.

Oh, it’s not a REAL business. It’s just called that for tax purposes.

Why is it so hard to own up to your successes? It’s easy to own up to your failures – I’ll quickly tell you that I’m not a good salesperson, and diets are not my thing. It’s inherent to be modest about the things we do well.

I mean, it’s just freelancing.

Think about the last person who complimented you – did you say “thanks,” or make an excuse for why the positive thing was given to you?

I’m really just doing work for a few friends.

Time to change the narrative and own up to what is really happening in my life.