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Holiday Gift Guide: The (Normal) Man in Your Life

With Christmas only 23 days away, gift guides are popping up everywhere. I love the concept – how much easier can your wish list get? – but every time I come across a “5 Gifts Your Man Will Love,” I laugh. My man would never wear a cashmere scarf or appreciate a hipster-inspired ice cube tray!

If you’re dating a guy who doesn’t wear suits everyday and can’t quote Shakespeare, let my gift guide ease you into the mind of your average 20-something male.

Gift Guide

  1. Sports Tickets: Give your pup the night off from being woken up to loud cheers and angry profanities and take your guy to a local sporting event. Bonus points if you give him a new hat or shirtsey (t-shirt jersey) to wear.
  2. Workout Gear: I’m not talking about a FitBit he’ll wear for a week and then lose it in a drawer at work. I’m talking about a few Nike Dri-Fit shirts, basketball shorts, and if you’re really feeling frisky, compression shorts. Trust me, they look good.
  3. TV Memorabilia: Remember those nights he didn’t come to bed until 3am due to a Walking Dead binge on Netflix? Now it’s time to reward his (bad) behavior. His work buddies will be completely jealous of his zombie bobble head, and you’ll move to the top of the “best girlfriends” list.
  4. Car Stuff: Whether he drives a Camaro or a 1988 Jeep, he’ll appreciate a good set of car mats, car wash gear and other accessories to make it their own.
  5. A Childhood Favorite: Has he told you stories on stories of playing James Bond Golden Eye on N64 with his friends? Let him relive the moment with a copy of the game (or the one you dug out of his parents basement.)

And as far as stocking stuffers go:

  1. Mini Bottles of Alcohol: We’re past the age of getting two pounds of candy each holiday. Go for girlfriend gold with a few mini bottles of his favorite liquor and a can of Coke.
  2. Lottery Tickets: How fun is it to play Scratch & Win? Plus, if he wins big, he might just get you that diamond necklace you’ve been dreaming of.
  3. Silence: I’m not kidding – this is actually on my husband’s Secret Santa list. Whip up a little “Free Pass” and let your husband skip out hearing just how annoying your co-worker is. It doubles as a free happy-hour-with-the-girls pass for you.
  4. His favorite snacks: As mentioned above, we’re past the candy stage. Throw in some beef jerky or protein bars he can take back to work with him on Monday.
  5. Candy: Hey, I didn’t say avoid it all together. Do be smart and skip out on putting chocolate in the stocking if it’s hung over an actual fireplace, though.

What is your guy wishing for this holiday season?

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