Top 5: Golden Globes Looks

The Golden Globes are the only movie/TV award show I truly watch, mostly because the large amounts of alcohol tend to create memorable moments. I don’t believe last night’s event had too many memorable moments, but the looks will last in photographic history for decades to come.

And yes, I know – I’m one of 601251 blogs posting my favorite looks from last night’s Golden Globe awards. Sue me. I also am purposely avoiding adding Jennifer Lawerence because being my ultimate girl crush, it would be unfair.

5. Lily James


Did anyone else catch how awkward her award presentation was with Jamie Foxx? So weird. Regardless, Lily grew up her princess look with a beautiful smoky eye and gorgeous caped gown.

4. Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Let me preface this by saying I have a huge crush on the Tatum family after the premiere of Lip Sync Battle on Spike. The plunging neckline pairs beautiful with the full bodice – it’s wonderful, and almost makes you forget about Channing’s emo haircut.

3. Laverne Cox


Everything about this gown is stunning. The sleek shape, the bright white – I love it, and Laverne Cox is the perfect person to rock it.

2. Amy Adams


Anything you’ve ever heard about red heads not being able to wear red was just proven wrong. And it’s not just the color of this dress that is fantastic – the sparkly lines fit Amy’s shape SO well.

1. Jennifer Lopez


Girlfriend. You are truly an anomaly. At 46, I’m not sure she’s ever looked better. In my defense, I am in love with anything yellow, but she brought a ray of sunshine to the Globes like no other.

Which star topped your best-dressed list? Let me know! 


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